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About us


Hi, my name is Olga.

I am a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional who has been trained overseas. As a dedicated professional, my passion is to help others feel beautiful and confident of themselves. I'll be happy to discuss your personal requirements and fully answer all of your questions with professionalism and discretion. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of my work.That is why among my clients there are many people from different countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Netherland, UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Vanuatu and so on.

GLAMINK philosophy is that permanent makeup is an art. Knowing how to implant pigment properly into the skin is crucial, but more importantly it must be done artfully to achieve a fitting and natural perfect look. We also specialize in pain control, and apply topical anesthetic to ensure each client is as comfortable as possible throughout their procedure. We maintain stringent standards of hygiene. All needles are single-use disposable cartridges. All other equipment used during the procedure is sterile and disinfected between each client.

Why do people choose Glamink as the best place for Permanent Make Up?

We are honest with our clients and clients trust us.
Aware of how beauty is important to you, our aim is to do the best to improve it keeping your naturality.
We don't use somebody else's works to attract clients - all photos in the gallery on our web site, in the advertisements on facebook, google and other social networks are 100% our works which we mark with “Gi” sign or my name.
We provide expert knowledge, breakthrough technology and an exceptional client experience. That’s why you turn to us for a beauty boost that restores you to the best version of yourself.

The available date and time you can find in our Online Booking Form.

Phone: 0211-511-966 (txt preferable)
WhatsApp: 64211511966
Email: info@glamink.nz

18A Holt Ave, Torbay, Auckland.

We see your beauty. That’s why you turn to us.

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